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The Debt Transfer Calculator compares balance transfer

offers to let you know which offer saves you the most


Have you been paying interest on your credit card

balances forever?

Are you shuffling balances between credit cards to get

that lowest APR for a limited time only? What if you

have bunches of offers?

Lower APR with Fee % or Higher APR with no Fee %.

Which one saves you the most money?

You will know instantly with The Debt Transfer Calculator.

You enter:     

    - The Amount you wish to transfer.

    - The Monthly Payment you can afford.

    - The Number of Months the offer is good for.

    - The Current APR from your statement.

    - The APR and Fee % from the proposed offer.

You get instant results:

    - The offer that saves you the most money is shown in Green.

    - Amount Saved: The greater the amount of the two offers, the more you save.

    - Total Interest: The amount of interest paid for the number of months entered.

    - Ending Balance: The amount you still have left to pay on your credit card after the offer is over.

Compare multiple offers by keeping the green column and replacing the other column with the next credit card offer. Repeat until all offers have been calculated.

The simplicity of The Debt Transfer Calculator is amazing! You enter six values and TAP. It calculates. Now you know what to do!

Don't even wait to get those offers in the mail, call up your credit card companies, ask them for all the balance transfer offers you can get, plug those values into The Debt Transfer Calculator and know instantly which offer is right for you!

The Debt Transfer Calculator is absolutely the best antidote to managing the credit card shuffle.

You already know it's gonna take years and years to pay off those credit cards.

You already know the minimum monthly amount you can afford.

So let's get real and find the best deal! NOW!