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At InfoService we have developed many interesting solutions over the years, including:

We developed over 100 “How Do I?” databases for 4D, Inc. Each of these small databases shows how to use a feature of the 4D development language. We also developed several 4D Technical Notes for use by other 4D developers.

Working with Big Fish Audio we helped develop their internal database which is also the database behind their web store at BigFishAudio.com. Big Fish Audio is now selling this database to other music stores and web sites.

Worked with another 4D developer at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory to develop a database to track budget and technical details of their land and water recover teams.

An ambulance dispatching and tracking system installed in multiple locations throughout the country.

A series of interrelated databases for the Orange County News Channel, a 24 hour TV news channel. The functionality of these systems included news stories, facility and personnel scheduling, teleprompting, election results, wire capture, and videotape library.

We developed a vertical market application for portrait photography studios that was installed in over 500 locations.

We helped a large technical recruiting firm manage all their contacts and projects via a database running on several servers spread across the country. Each server had 50-75 users and synchronized its data with the other servers every couple of minutes.

A few of our internet enabled solutions include an ISO 9000 documentation system and a web application called NetSpider which tracked link relationships and broken links on large intranet sites.